Gunpowder Art, Grace and Gunpowder
Grace and Gunpowder Art

Experimentation and Discovery – using gunpowder as an art medium is filled with it! This piece is two layers, one raised about .125 inch above the other. A playful piece which I had a general direction for and as often happens the moment the idea is realized “ahha! – that has sooo much potential!” … tear the paper, different burns, the underneath piece…?, how to get them to work together… and… then more ideas begin to form… I love it! I use a variety of Hodgdon Powder for 90+% of my work which is done “in” an outside open-air studio space with a cement floor and roof.

The second photo shows the beginnings of the piece.  Thanks to Michelle McConnaha for sharing the photos she took during an interview about the demo and auction piece I did for the Soroptimist scholarship fund.…/article_19b335fe-1681-5db6…

The title hasn’t quite “appeared” yet… any suggestions? (18x20 in, ignited gunpowder on paper)