“Gunpowders nature, energy; and the experimental qualities it offers captivates my desire to create!” – KJK

“Storm’s Comin”  Ignited Gunpowder on paper, 42″x12″
Gunpowder art… the fun, the experimentation, the process, even the “burn-ups” – I love this medium!

Thanks to everyone who braved the rain, wind, and cold to stop by the demo at Art Focus! ~ KJ


Gunpowder artist, KJ Kahnle thrives on the artistic challenges and experimentation of “painting” with gunpowder. “Gunpowder is a wonderfully interesting and diverse medium. To achieve the results I’m continually reaching for the complex processes of burn rates, air flow, directional “blasting,” layering, etc. get quiet challenging… especially with a medium where mistakes can’t be redone, painted over, or erased.”


Created with It’s History

"Created with It's History" is a scaled size Sharps 1874, 24x12 Ignited Gunpowder on paper (sold). What a fantastic piece to create and learn with. The Sharps is an iconic firearm created for long distance shooting,. Because the art was created with gunpowder - part...

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Waterworks Art Museum

Auction submission for the WaterWorks Art Museum 42nd Annual Auction https://www.facebook.com/WaterWorksArtMuseum/. This piece was very challenging and so much fun! I developed some new techniques, used some new powders, over-burned lots of...

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Gunpowder art demos were a success even though it was rainy, windy and cold!
(on the street in front of Art Focus during the June Culture Crawl, in Hamilton, MT.)

Grace and Gunpowder: The Art of Igniting Gunpowder

(Painting with Gunpowder)