“Gunpowder is an amazingly interesting, diverse, and challenging medium…” – KJK

Thanks to everyone who braved the rain, wind, and cold to stop by the demo at Art Focus! ~ KJ

Gunpowder artist, KJ Kahnle thrives on experimentation and her more recent experiments have been quite explosive. “Gunpowder is an amazingly interesting, diverse, and challenging medium. Not being able to completely predict or control the final outcome, unlike my detailed pencil work, is part of what I really enjoy about it. It’s kind of like life, you plan but the reactions of all the variables creates unexpected results.


It’s a Fun Process!

"Four" or at least that's what I think the name of this one will be. It was a really fun piece to create from a specific idea, design the layout and then - ha... try to get it burned like I envisioned it. Lot's of trial and error and yea, it will go to the frame shop...

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Experimentation and Discovery…

Experimentation and Discovery - using gunpowder as an art medium is filled with it! This piece is two layers, one raised about .125 inch above the other. A playful piece which I had a general direction for and as often happens the moment the idea is realized "ahha! -...

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Gunpowder art demos were a success even though it was rainy, windy and cold!
(on the street in front of Art Focus during the June Culture Crawl, in Hamilton, MT.)

Grace and Gunpowder: The Art of Igniting Gunpowder